Tips from House Painters

House painting is not rocket science, but there are things you can do when house painting that can make the job more difficult. Most homeowners paint their own home at least one time, and the following tips are designed to make that experience go better for you.

House Painters Equipment

Buying the proper painting equipment to use when you paint your house will make all the difference in how the job turns out. You can buy the finest paint on the market, and if you do not have quality brushes, rollers, and paint guns then the paint will not have a quality finish when you are through. Here are some common house painters products you will need for your painting project.

Resist buying the cheapest paint brush that you can find. You want a paintbrush that will not lose hairs, and that can be House painting supplieswashed out and used again. Most of the cheap brushes are meant to be used once and then thrown away. High-quality paint brushes cost more but they actually make the job easier to do, and you will use less paint when you apply it with a high-quality brush.

Buy a paint roller that is designed for the type of surface you are painting. Rollers have different nap thicknesses. Some of them are designed to be used on smooth surfaces while others are designed to be used on rough surfaces. Make sure the roller you buy is designed for the surface type you have.

Primer is crucial. Even if you are painting brand new wood or brand new sheetrock there will slight variations in the color of the material. When you apply the paint the paint will dry and there will be slight variations in the color of your paint. When you apply primer you will seal the surface so it takes less paint, and you will cause the surface area to be all one color so the paint you have will be all one color when it dries.

Paint spouts are designed to be put on buckets of paint so you can pour paint into the roller pan without making a mess. Paint spouts cost very little and they save lots of paint.

Drop cloths are designed to cover furniture or anything you do not want to get paint on. Use drop cloths liberally so you do not have to spend countless hours trying to remove paint from surfaces you did not want to paint.

Telescoping roller poles help you to reach areas that you normally would have had to climb a ladder to reach. Telescoping roller poles save you time because you do not have to climb up the ladder and then back down the ladder to load more paint on your roller.

Paint brushes come in different sizes. You will need large ones and you will need small ones. Small brushes help you cut paint into tight areas. Small brushes help you to do a job that looks professional.

Door hinge masks are made to protect your door hinges from the paint. You will find that door hinge masks are easier to put on the hinges than painters tape is.

Painters tape is designed to protect the surfaces that you do not want to get paint on. Buy wide and narrow rolls of painters tape so you can cover any hardware or glass that you want to protect.

Take your time. Rome was not built in a day, and you do not have to finish your painting job in one day either.